West Chelsea “Sky Garage” Penthouse

You’re new to NYC …rolled into town with your sweet ride. Everyone knows that parking is at a premium, so what are you to do? No [...]

The Garage that Dubble Bubble Built

Bruce Weiner collects at the extreme and at the extremes of the hobby, with a bi-polar assembly of modern day Supercars and ancient German [...]

For The Urban Car Guy

I’m working with a young client who is looking to purchase his first home.  He’s interested in lofts and urban town-homes.  He [...]

10 The Most Cool And Wacky Garages Ever | DigsDigs

From DigsDigs: 10 The Most Cool And Wacky Garages Ever | DigsDigs. [...]

My Dream Garage at DreamGarage.com

From our friends at DreamGarage, they’ve conceptualized the perfect garage, and created a garage planning app. Create an account to st [...]

You like your car? Well, now you can sleep with it!

This is an amazing property…but is it a house with a garage or a garage with a house? You be the judge. The garage appears to be on th [...]

Buckhead manse with car collector’s garage For Sale

I have my eye on this one – it has a car collection garage, and it’s $42.5M. It comes with 3 separate mansions. If you have the [...]

Amazing Collection of Garages from L4P

Check out this garage-porn from our friends at L4P.   You can view more at Luxury4Play. World’s Most Beautiful GARAGES & Exo [...]
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